Pablo Guimerá

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About me

I'm a remote working full-stack developer with 12+ years of experience. London was my home and training grounds for around 5 years before deciding to come back to Tenerife, where I was born and raised.

My area of expertise is web development, I especially thrive in the front-end. However, I like to play around with all sorts of languages and technologies. Lately, I have been getting myself into AI, which is very likely the future of tech.

I'm currently a lead software engineer at The Agile Monkeys.

Outside of my professional setting, I enjoy hiking, working out, exploring and tinkering with gadgets. I take my dog on endless walking adventures. My workout routine and mental health take priority over pretty much everything else.


I try to stay as far away as possible from social networks, I do still have an online presence. Feel free to reach out on: